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Of course if we don't show the picture/logo you want simply choose this option and send us your picture and we'll print it on the coaster.

Personalised Wooden Coaster

£ 1.99

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Bikerbuyz Leather Coaster

The selection is slightly more limited but all the major names are included

Click the button to see the range - which we hope in time will expand.

Leather Coasters

£ 0.90

Leather Coasters These are classy items for any coffee table. Black bonded leather coasters measuring just under 8.2cm square and then foil printed in either Gold or Silver. The range is fairly small at the moment but will be growing as time permits.

Remember choose only ONE design per coaster. If you want extra text or pictures then go to the personalised option

Wooden Coaster order

£ 1.99

Wooden Coasters Bikerbuyz personalised coaster Bikerbuyz leather coaster

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