We have a range of pre printed designs as well as blank badges that we can print with either one of our own line designs or your own design. Ideal for clubs as well. These badges measure approx 8cm in diameter and are white with a black edge. Depending on quantity other colourways may be available.
Note that these badges are printed (unless specified otherwise) rather than embroidered, as such they can be full colour, and the detailing is far greater.
Sew on badge  £2.75
So you can choose to have one of our many line drawings or logos printed on the badge, or alternatively why not have a personalised option.
Remember though that if it's an image you want printed then the quality will only be as good as that of the initial image you send us.
If you want it personalised simply write in the design box personalised and then either email us the picture or design you want to use. Either directly to or by the form on our contacts page.
Design Reqd
The Guardian Angel   £2.75
I think we’ve all had that heartstopping moment at some time, be it error of judgement, spilt diesel or, another vehicle pulling out when it shouldn't, but somehow we survived it.
Well perhaps it was our “Guardian” looking after us!
"Lest we Forget"  £3.25
Someone designed this badge and we were asked if we could print it. Many people want to show that they “haven’t forgotten” and that they appreciate what people have given up or lost to give us what we enjoy today.
There are options for English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh bikers
Show your support by buying a badge and 50p from every purchase goes to the “Soldiers off the Streets” charity based in Wales
Design Reqd
Facebook Group Badges
We do a number of badges for specific groups on Facebook the more popular are here.
O50 "original" FB sew on badge  £3.25
The badge that launched the group! The originals sold out long ago - so we’ve recreated the badge. These are good quality embroidered badges that should last for years.   As an added incentive for every badge we sell, 50p will be donated to NABD to help a biker get back on the road!
O50 FB  OGRI sew on badge  £3.25
Special anniversary badge printed for Facebook group.Thanks to Ogri team for giving the permission to use the graphic.  As an added incentive for every badge we sell, 50p will be donated to NABD to help a biker get back on the road!
(Note to self - must change the picture cos they have a black surround!)
O50 FB  sew on badge  £2.75
If you’d like it personalised with a name or something else, simply mail us your requirements.
Black Dog Riders sew on badge  £3.25
Black Dog Riders is a facebook group helping support bikers with mental health issues - a very worth while group, that reinforces the principle that "bikers help each other"
Black Dog Riders vinyl stickers  £1.50
Show support with these in your car, on the bike or on your helmet - ooerr missus!
Contact us if you'd like some done for your own club or group.
Honda Deauville owners group  £2.75
The latest group having it’s own badge. “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” well that’s what the advert used to say!