Ceramic Moneyboxes
So we all have a dream we want to get to. But all dreams seem to cost money! So how about one of these neat little moneyboxes to help you save those pennies toward your dream purchase.
The strap line "Who wants to save for a rainy day?" is emblazened around the top and then the image of what you're saving for is added - (so you'll need to supply us with a decent image of your goal) Of course if you don't want the strap line then just tell us, as these can also make great little presents for children (especially when you add a starter fund in them!)

While we know that saving is important sometimes emergencies come along and you need that extra bit of cash - don't worry as these moneyboxes have a built in " rubber withdrawal bung" for just such emergencies!
Ceramic Moneybox £5.30
Remember that we'll need a good quality image from you to complete the moneybox! Just use the contact form on the Contact page or simply e-mail us at sales@bikerbuyz.co.uk with your image and any words etc that you'd like us to add.
As standard these will be printed with "Who wants to save for a rainy day?" unless you tell us not to!